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Chamaine -

Born in New York, 1973 and raised to roam the continental US, Chamaine has spent most her life helping in both the psychological and medical fields. In between writings she is raising two children, rebuilding the magical farm of her youth that had inspired freedom at its' epitome. From training students and horses, aiding the elderly in the own special challenges and also the injured and lost, Chamaine has spent her life caring for all creatures who are unable to voice their own needs. She is a strong advocate for fostering shelter animals in the aid to find loving homes for these evicted companions and most often has an adoptable dog available at her side.

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Love and Lies

After the gruesome murder of her husband, Kennedy Myers-Nichols seeks refuge in the mountains of Wyoming. When the new bush pilot Kent Fowler arrives for an unscheduled stop, both...
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Less Than a Lifetime

What is right has always been the defining word for Egypt Malone, and she spent her life demanding others learn what she knows to be right. Horses all over the country were being ...
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Physically weakened and emotionally lost after the sudden deaths of her parents, young Charlie Franklin realizes she must find the courage to live without the comfort of her only f...
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