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Adam Charles

Proud aspiring author, writer, and a founding Director of iWriteReadRate. Squeezing out words for as long as I can remember...

Read the first two chapters of my fiction novella, "My Tiny Universe", free on iWriteReadRate.com!

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An intriguing journey...

By Laura Sanford (UK)

Review of My Tiny Universe:
I loved this book; not immediately but the protagonist definitely grew on me as I read on. His observations of the world and meandering thoughts were often engaging and regularly amusing! I found myself becoming hooked and wanting to find out how how things worked out. I really enjoyed the anonymity of the setting and character- it could be any city, anywhere and this helped me to become part of his journey. A beautifully written, amusing and thought provoking story which poses questions that maybe can't or don't need to be answered.


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