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Ian Roberts

A former teacher of English, my great loves are the 3 Rs (rugby, reading and writing), as well as wine, music and film. Previous sporting interests have included sailing, canoeing and skiing (accelerating down the piste at Mach 4, only to be overtaken by an old man walking his dog). I still try to keep fit by running and swimming (I do think about it, honestly).

I have been lucky enough to travel a little and have crossed the Sahara Desert twice, in a Land Rover. Many years ago, I was also fortunate enough to spend time at university in California, at Long Beach (it's amazing how much education you can get on the beach and in Belmont Shore at the Acapulco Inn).

In 2005, I completed six months of tutoring two parents, who had little formal education, for Smarter than Your Kids, a Granada Television production. It was my ‘fifteen minutes of fame’, on the TV.

At home, in North Wales, my time is taken up by the renovation of a smallholding (I just love watching my lovely wife muck out the stables), where I enjoy spending time with my family, and an assortment of animals, and daring to enter my son's bedroom without a biological warfare suit.

My novel, ‘Catch the Sun’ is self-published, and I have received outstanding reviews on writers’ websites, with an excellent professional review from Random House. My second novel, ‘The Colour of Mud at Night’, is in progress at 99,000 words. In addition, I have had short stories published in several writers’ magazines, although I am happy to write on any given topic.

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Catch the Sun

Synopsis Catch the Sun, by Ian Roberts Genre: action, saga, rites of passage, historical, love story, commercial fiction 128,000 words Crazed with fear, a fifteen-year-...
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